Rachel Hoover

Paradigm Seafoods is excited to welcome and announce the addition of Rachel Hoover to our team.

Rachel is a long time Cordovan, her birth family has roots in Cordova from generations ago on her father's side. Commercial fishing for salmon is in her bloodline as is her artistic talent which comes from both sides of her family. Her connection to the sea has always been strong - in her early years of commercial fishing in Cordova and her teen years working on her mother's clam and oyster farm. Rachel has worked in restaurants in Seattle and Cordova and has expanded markets for her family's shellfish company. In 2009, Rachel returned to Cordova to live and raise her two young children. Rachel is the sole proprietor of Darlings Ferments where she has turned a passion of healthy foods into a business, her kombucha, kimchi and kraut ferments are spectacular and highly praised in the local market she serves! She is also quite the artist, actively painting and showcasing her art projects in local art shows, is an avid photographer and enjoys Cordova’s local flora and fauna celebrating the wild foods that are so plentiful in Cordova and Alaska.