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Wholesale Copper River King (Chinook)


The largest of the salmon species, king salmon, is also the most elusive. For this reason, we are only able to take preorders for kings. Once we haul one of these beauties in, if you have pre-ordered - we will notify you via phone or email. 


Sold by the pound, you receive a whole king salmon, head off, gilled and gutted. If you should want "Head On", please make note at time of order. The processed weight can range from 10 - 50 pounds or more. Each king is pre-rigor processed at sea for optimal freshness and packaged in a double-insulated box with gel ice. 


Choose your shipping venue -  Alaska Airlines, UPS, or FedEx

Due to the logistics of shipping salmon from Cordova, shipping is an ESTIMATE only and will be adjusted to actual cost at the time of shipment. Call Lori @ 907-301-6111 for details and shipping rate calculation to your destination.


Once your order is placed, you will receive email messages with each step of order process.  


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