Salmon Roe
  • Salmon Roe


    SOLD BY THE POUND, we sell/package in 2# increments. You receive premium, fresh, skeins of roe from salmon that are pre-rigor processed at sea (pressure bled and Ike Jime) for optimal freshness, providing the highest quality roe. The roe is packaged in a 2# roe container and shipped in a double-insulated box with gel ice to your door or a cargo station near you. 


    Shipping via Alaska Airlines, UPS, FedEx or pick up in Cordova

    Due to the logistics of shipping salmon from Cordova, shipping is an ESTIMATE only and will be adjusted to actual cost at the time of shipment. Call Lori @ 907-301-6111 for details and shipping rate calculation to your destination.


    Once your order is placed, you will receive email messages with each step of the order process.    


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