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The Season Changes

The Season Changes...A New Day Dawns on the 2018 Sockeye Season

As the seasons change, so does the sockeye season for 2018. Whereas Bill primarily fishes the Copper River Delta, mother nature is wielding her ever powerful arm and changing things up a bit with a weak return this year! 

Due to yet another closure of the Copper River Delta, and no foreseeable opportunity for an opening anytime soon, Bill is changing with the progression of the salmon season as well and is currently fishing in Prince William Sound. We will be introducing and processing two other fine salmon from our region in south central Alaska with the Thursday 8 am opener. These gillnet districts are in the western side of Prince William Sound, 90 miles west of the Copper River Delta, and is home to three other runs of wild Alaska salmon. We are currently updating the website in preparation for online orders of Prince William Sound Sockeye and Keta (Chum) salmon. Contact Lori to place your order for a weekend delivery.

Prince William Sound Sockeye is now available for your fine dining pleasure. Only slight differences from the Copper River sockeye that you are most familiar with, we guarantee you will be very pleased with this salmon ranging in sizes between 2.4 and 3 pounds once headed and gutted. As always, processed at sea as only Bill Webber has perfected. 

Prince William Sound Keta (Chum) salmon are an impressive 8-9.5 lbs in the round, a very respectable sized fish that many would compare alongside of the Coho salmon...some would even say a better salmon! Our Keta (Chum) are bright, big, with good meat color and the scales are set very well. 

Join us in providing the discerning palette the opportunity to "Discover the Processed at Sea Difference" of other wild Alaska salmon, specifically from the Prince William Sound.

(Watch the website tomorrow morning for new pictures of Bill fishing for the Prince William Sound sockeye and Keta (Chum) salmon.

We appreciate the opportunity to be your personal fisherman and treasure your patronage and loyalty to Bill and Lori Webber and Paradigm Seafoods.

Bill Webber contemplates the changing of the fishing season, Copper River vs Prince William Sound
Bill Webber, Paradigm Seafoods, LLC

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