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Superfoods to the Rescue

Updated: May 5, 2018

Are you one of the many thousands and thousands of people that cares where your food comes from? Organic, GMO or otherwise? Have you lost your connection to your food sources and how they are grown and/or harvested? Many of us that have become source conscious buyers are willing to take the time to search out and spend more for healthier food choices that we want to make when buying our food. The article below from the Johns Hopkins website talks about making food our medicine and listed in the article are some of the super foods that are a healthier choice. Wild Alaska salmon is definitely a superfood and has always made these kinds of lists. 

I have been a participant for 47 years as a high-end wild salmon harvester from Alaska's Copper River region that has very uniquely vertically integrated my commercial fishing business model 15 years ago by way of becoming more than just the fisherman. I am also an At-Sea Processor using some very unique processes to elevate the quality of my product. Logistics, production control, and a marketing person are just a few of the new hats I now wear to produce a higher level of fresh product with a fully maximized shelf life window over the commodity product. 

When you have had time to peruse my website to learn what I do above the industry and how I handle, pre-rigor process and ship directly to you the day after I catch your fish, you will quickly learn why I say "Discover the Processed at Sea Difference". I virtually have redefined what the shelf life window can be for a fresh salmon product form that is Processed at Sea in the unique way that I do it. How much more fresher does that make you feel about your salmon purchasing decision to simply order my Copper River salmon directly from .... well me, the harvester. Making this direct connection with your personal fisherman instills in the mind of the consumer that they are buying a healthy food from a healthy fishery and from a trusted source directly from the fisherman delivered to your door via UPS, Fedex or on Alaska Airlines Air Cargo Services within 36 hours out of the water and lastly feel good about the food choice they made.


Date: July 8, 2014


Superfoods to the Rescue
Superfoods to the Rescue

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