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Bill arriving in Prince William Sound

With the Copper River remaining closed, we have been fishing in Prince William Sound. A truly different fishery than the Copper River, Bill needed to go work the area, analyze the fishery, the logistics, and the traveling weather to make a sound decision as to whether we could realistically continue direct marketing our salmon this season. We are happy to say that we have created a plan and are able to continue shipping Sockeye and Keta. The sockeye are beginning to show up in PWS larger size and quantities, a beautiful blue back, large sockeye, weighing in at 4-7 pounds headed and gutted. The Keta salmon, a new species offering now that we are fishing in the sound, is a nice full-size salmon weighing 8-12 pounds headed and gutted. We hand select the largest, pristine salmon to process to our specifications. With the two 36-hour openers per week,1-2-day closures and 6 hour round trip travel time to Cordova and back to the sound, we can only ship fish on the weekends. This Works!!! You can place your order online, by email, text or calling. Cell service is spotty depending on where in the sound we are fishing, but we do try to find signal throughout the day.

Prince William Sound Sockeye

BE AWARE, the Copper River District can open at any given moment and we will switch back to fishing the Copper River for summer run sockeye. As soon as we know of an opener and make the switch, we will notify you. We truly appreciate your patience, understanding and loyalty during this anomaly of a fishing season.

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Prince William Sound Sockeye about to be pressure bled

Processed at Sea

Mother Nature produces the highest quality salmon and delivers some of them to Prince William Sound. Bill Webber takes that naturally wonderful salmon and pre-rigor processes it, at sea, using the techniques he has developed and mastered - pressure bleeding and Ike Jime. The intrinsic qualities he maintains by processing at sea cannot be rivaled by the commodity industry.

Ike Jime

Like any meat or protein producer, harvesting salmon can be either gruesome or humane. Bill Webber utilizes the Ike Jime process to humanely put each salmon to a quick death, being respectful to the salmon and our customers by providing the highest quality approach and process that is unrivaled by any harvester in our region of Alaska.

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Ike Jime Tools

Pressure Bleeding

Bill Webber has developed, perfected and utilizes his at sea process of pressure bleeding the salmon that he harvests. This process, combined with Ike Jime, gives the discerning client the highest quality salmon flesh available. Unrivaled by the commodity producer, Bill’s processing at sea using Ike Jime and an intravenous pressure bleeding technique provides for the cleanest and longest shelf life possible as enzymatic degradation simply cannot occur in a pre-rigor processed at sea salmon.  Others may follow in Bill's footsteps, but he has set the bar for quality as a leader in harvesting, processing at sea and presenting a fish, “better in death, then in life”, to our customers.

Learn More about Pressure Bleeding

The art of Pressure Bleeding is perfected by none other than Bill Webber of Paradigm Seafoods

Bill is prepared, whatever the announcement, whether it is deep gear or not, he has beached a couple of nets for a quick switch if needed.

After a week of fishing and living on a boat, it's nice to have lunch in Whittier, a very small community near the fishing grounds.

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