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Silvers Are Here!


Dream of holding your own Coho/Silver salmon!

We're optimistic that the 2018 Coho/Silver season will rival those of the past!
A good set!

Granddaughter eyes the last Sockeye of the 2018 season
Granddaughter eyes the last Sockeye of the 2018 season

This little cutie, our granddaughter, eyes the last Sockeye of the 2018 season. After a less than stellar Sockeye season, we are excited and optimistic that the Coho season will be an abundant and safe season. With only six weeks to fish long and hard, now is the time to order the last of the fresh, wild, Alaska salmon for this year. BBQ, smoke or freeze an ample supply for your winter feasts! 

When you lose 50 fathoms, 1/3 of the net, you need to sew in new!
Lost 50 fathoms of the net in the Kok bar

"If not for bad luck, I'd have no luck at all". Bill was "in the fish" and had a pretty good period going when he came across a snag, tore out over 50 fathoms (1/3) of the net and had to close Period 29 a few short hours into it. This snag was dangerous, at times precarious, and without the aid of a fellow fisherman, could have been tragic. With the net tore up, damage to the out-drives, Bill had to come to town so he and Todd could service the out-drives, mend the gear, and change the oil in order to be ready for tomorrows opener.

Not being one to believe in luck, Bill and Todd just buckled down and got the work done. They just left for the fishing grounds, they are ready to catch your silvers!

Paradigm Shift Captain Bill Webber, and crewman Todd Blaisdell leaving the harbor to catch Silvers for you. Twenty-four hours of fishing Monday, shipping Tuesday, dining Wednesday! Place your order online or call/message Lori. 

Leaving the harbor to go catch Silvers for your dining pleasure
Going fishing

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