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Copper River Sockeye Run Failure

As hard as it is to admit defeat, the writing is on the wall that the 2018 Copper River Sockeye run was a failure. Typically, the sockeye run falls off sharply around the 20th of July and then is a slow trickle into the first week of August. With the continuous closures on the Copper River, fishing the Prince William Sound, and most recently engine problems, we find ourselves in the first week of August with no choice but to declare the sockeye season over.

It has been an extremely tough season this year leaving the commercial fleet and the local Cordova economy in a very precarious situation in meeting financial obligations. A strong run of PWS Keta salmon has brought some relief to many fishermen but the rug has literally been pulled out from under the fleet this year. 

Typically, we take this time to take a break and rejuvenate after a hard strong Sockeye season on the Copper River. This year, however, we are preparing to travel back to Prince William Sound and fish for Humpy/Pink salmon. We do not direct market this species, it typically is a volume fishery sold to the mass commodity shore side processors.  With some of the other salmon producing regions around the State also coming up short, hopefully the PWS Pink salmon season will come in strong and carry us through to the Coho season.

Within two weeks ADF&G will switch over to Coho management and we will again return to the Copper River with hopes of a strong Coho return. Our crewman, Todd, will rejoin us on deck for the Coho season, which typically runs through September. Bill has once again raised the quality bar in processing salmon at sea. He has studied, researched, written a narrative and has now implemented the Ike Jime process in addition to our pressure bleeding process. Being the only Copper River fisherman processing salmon at this quality level, you receive the finest, freshest, Processed at Sea, Copper River Coho salmon. Any finer, they would still be swimming in pristine Alaskan waters! We encourage you to "Discover the Processed at Sea Difference."

You can message, call Lori or Bill, or place an order online through our website for our Processed at Sea Copper River Coho. Thank you for choosing Paradigm Seafoods and Bill Webber as your personal fisherman.

Escapement goals are low, the 2018 Sockeye season is over
Too few Sockeye to allow adequate fishing periods on the Copper River

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