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Copper River Coho Season Is Here

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Coho/Silver Salmon
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As taken from the ADF&G News Release #50, The Copper River and Bering River Districts will open at 7:00 am on Thursday, August 16 for a 24-hour commercial fishing period. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game is switching to Coho salmon management starting Thursday, August 16. The standard management strategy for Coho salmon is one or two 24-hour periods per week depending on escapement and harvest levels.

With the dismal sockeye season now behind us for 2018, it is our hope that the returning Coho have fared better in their ability to survive the many obstacles they face from survivability rearing in the streams to out migrating into the open ocean to feed and become adult salmon in order to return to their natal streams to start another life cycle. This is how it works in nature for wild salmon.

With many other salmon returns coming up short all-around Alaska in 2018, the science community is digging deep looking for answers and is also looking at the warm water blob that has been present in the Pacific Ocean in the recent years. This is not the only anomaly that may have caused the weak returns as there are many factors that can contribute to a great return of salmon. The warm water blob is being looked at as an anomaly that may have killed off some of the smaller feed fish in the lower food chain and that simply trickles up the chain to have caused these smaller than normal fish that did return and in lesser than normal numbers.

As for other factors that contribute to the bigger picture, there are many and the one constant that has been a growing factor is the growth of human populations on the planet contributing excessive carbon run-off pollution that is also acidifying the worlds oceans. This is a global concern that will implicate our insatiable appetites for seafood of all species if we don’t get a handle on it sooner rather than later.

As a harvester of wild Alaskan salmon, this will impact us in a very big way as the supply chain will simply break down from us first as you all have felt at the start-up of the Copper River sockeye season this spring. This affects us financially and as good stewards of our resources, we have allowed most of the returning sockeye and king salmon to escape into the river system with hopes that the available spawner’s will keep this fishery in a sustainable status as it has been for 100’s of years.

Having said all of this, our region of the State - with its five-month long multi specie salmon fisheries, has many different fisheries that we can choose to participate in with various run timings through-out the summer. In my 51-year tenure I have seen the ups and downs that are just part of the wild salmon industry. I have also seen our region always produce a return in one or more of these fisheries that helps prop up the harvesters out of dire straits that can be all too cyclic even in well managed and sustainable wild salmon fisheries.

With the start of our Coho season tomorrow, this will be our last opportunity in 2018 for a hopeful bumper return of wild Copper River salmon to our region that will help sustain the families that bring you one of the last wild and healthy foods on the planet. As your personal fisherman, Lori, Todd and I look forward to providing you the very high-quality and well cared for product you have come to know and appreciate. This is with respect to you our customer and to the fish we harvest and purvey as well. You can place your order through our website and/or can always call or message Lori or Bill. Our contact info is in all our media presence.

Thanks for following us in social media, blog, our web presence and allowing us to be your personal fisherman from Alaska’s Copper River region! 

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