• Lori

Are You Ready?!

ADF&G Announced a 12 hour period, Monday, May 29. We are ready to go catch some fish, are you ready to throw the buoy with us?

Throwing the Buoy

We're ready to catch some fish...

Catching famous Copper River salmon

Process and deliver to you!

Processing At Sea

Shipping fish to source conscious buyers

Paradigm Seafoods, LLC

PO Box 1230, 6.25 Copper River Highway

Cordova, AK 99574

Bill: 907-312-0059

Lori: 907-301-6111

Office: 907-424-5176




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PO Box 1230                Copper River Highway                Cordova, AK 99574      

bill@paradigmseafoods.com                                        lori@paradigmseafoods.com Bill: 907-312-0059        Office: 907-424-5176        Lori: 907-301-6111