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A Successful Return of Copper River Coho

Make this bad boy yours...the Coho that is!

As we start the third week of catching Coho on the Copper River this Monday morning, 8-27-18, we are fast approaching the mid-point of the Coho season. Once we roll into September and go beyond the 15th, the run will start tapering off, if it follows the normal trend from seasons past. In the month of September the weather can be quite foul to a point it may make it difficult to go to work and make our way down to the east end of the delta to where a better late-run fishing opportunity could be had.

The weather is a little foul!

Interestingly enough, I am writing this blog post in 45-50 mph winds anchored behind a big rock island down on the east end of the delta. The weather is much greater than the forecast called for today and is suppose to come down on Monday the 27th. This is the uncontrollable nature of commercial fishing in the Gulf of Alaska this time of year and the reason why the weather can dictate the end of the season on the Copper River delta more often than not and earlier than the end of September. Many of the shore based processors will call it a season and quit buying -  rendering no market opportunity for many fisherman when a slow down in the run and weather makes for an unprofitable opportunity for all.

Catcher Processor - raising the Quality bar

Because we are a catcher/processor, this is when opportunity can knock for Paradigm Seafoods.  Providing we  have enough demand for our product, we can continue to fish and market our salmon late into the fall, even if the shore side processors have declared their season over.

Again, the weather does play a role in our ability to keep going as well, especially when we might be the only vessel working the delta trying to catch your fish  late in the season. If the demand is great enough, we will do our best to continue fishing for you. We of course will let you know when we have to make the call to our season’s end ourselves.

Having said all of this, we are going to add TWO NEW product forms on our website - the first - one that will offer you a fine dining opportunity through the winter. It will be on a special order basis only for those seeking a long term, shelf stable product you can enjoy through the year till the next fresh season begins. This product form will be a portioned “fresh” vacuum packaged fillet that once received can be prepared fresh or placed into your freezer for a first freeze long term storage. Once your special order is completed, we will ship your order either UPS to your door or on Alaska Airlines to a cargo facility near you providing you would be willing to drive to the cargo station and pick up your order. The Alaska Airlines method does have some shipping cost advantages.

Coho Fillet Portions

Upon final approval from the licensing department of the State of Alaska, we will be processing Coho Salmon Roe with the quality specifications you have come to know and appreciate from Bill Webber of Paradigm Seafoods. With your favorite caviar recipe, Ikura is enjoyed by itself on mild flavored crackers, used as a garnish or to accent seafood crepes, sushi, pasta dishes, omelets or seafood salads. 

Coho Salmon Roe

As you well know, Paradigm Seafoods is not your normal salmon operation operating in south central Alaska. We catch and pre-rigor process on-board the Paradigm Shift to an H&G product form at the point of harvest, not hours or days later. This greatly extends the shelf life of our product -  coupled with the handling, bleeding and other quality processes we perform that distinctly separates us from the commodity industry model. You can read about these quality processes in the “About Us” tab on our website paradigmseafoods.com. Our dedication to preserving as much of Mother Nature’s intrinsic qualities in every fish we catch, process and handle for you is simply unmatched in the Copper River fishery in how we chose to define our business model and perform to our very stringent quality specifications.

Processed At Sea - Pressure Bled and Ike Jime

As always, Bill, Lori and Todd are always happy to be considered your personal fisherman from Alaska’s Copper River fishery. Thank you for your support and confidence in us to provide a very high quality product to you.

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