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2020 Copper River Salmon Season, Coming Soon!

Hello Copper River salmon lovers – 04/13/20

I find our outreach this year feeling a bit off in this trying time of the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping our country and the globe. I hope this communication finds you healthy and well. I feel it is essential to reach out to our customers to nurture the long relationships we have earned over the years.

These past three weeks have left me quite bumfuzzled as to what to say about the situation we all find ourselves in. The Covid virus situation has been changing daily, which makes the upcoming salmon season somewhat more interesting to plan for.

I can say this, the State of Alaska, the salmon producing communities, fishermen and processors are in high gear trying to navigate and develop action plans in order to prosecute a safe and successful 2020 salmon season. We, too, are in this process and, as usual at this time of year, wanted to reach out and let you know of the upcoming Copper River salmon season that kicks off fresh salmon sales in mid-May to a hungering marketplace.

As a food supplier, the diversity of the markets that we supply ranges from individuals to high-end restaurant chains, seafood and meat markets, and, of course, the smaller unique restauranteurs. Placement of our product to source conscious buyers that appreciate and recognize our short supply chain and business model are what drives what I do out there on the water at the point of harvest.

If you have concerns about sourcing or are unable to get fresh Copper River salmon in your community, give consideration to a small direct to consumer business like Paradigm Seafoods. Our supply chain is the shortest it can be, 2-3 places out from my hands, to the food preparer or counter salesperson and then to you, or directly, from me to you. Barring any service disruption in air transport from our logistics partner Alaska Airlines, we can most economically ship directly to an airport that they service. If you are within an acceptable driving distance from your city to a location they service, this can work very well. Follow the link to see if your city is listed. You can also find the address information on that page that can give you direction to their cargo station in the respective city. We can also ship via UPS Overnight to any U.S. address in the country. Some markets require additional special packaging for the assurance of cold fresh shipments.

Also worthy of mention to any International interest in our small company and product, last year we acquired licensing and registration to ship Internationally at the request of some European markets. Give Lori a call to inquire about the logistics into your country. For a technical conversation about our operations, harvesting and, processing specification, give Bill a call to learn more about the unique methods that differentiate us and our product.

We look forward to a successful season to help your business with fresh Copper River salmon, the healthiest food for all of us in these trying times.

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