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In our latest commercial fishing announcement that authorized today's commercial fishing period, it has revealed a trend of a declining catch of Coho. My crewman spoke with one of the shore based plant employees that handles roe processing who reported that the female to male ratio was at 59% females. This generally indicates a strong nearing of the end of the run. However, we hope for a strong late run push.

A Copper River Sunset

The sun hasn't set on the last period of 2018 yet! There is still time in the run to fulfill your desire for fresh Copper River Coho salmon. I have been saying all along that we will fish until the end of September providing there is enough demand for our product, but sometimes and more often than not, Mother Nature dictates the rule by way of the run of Coho ending and/or the weather being a factor in our ability to get out there to work. When sufficient numbers of fish aren’t being caught, the shore based processors reach a point of diminishing returns for themselves and simply cannot meet operating costs. This vividly paints the picture for them to make the call and announce that they will quit buying for the year and prepare to close up their plant and release their employees to go back home. Typically one of the smaller shore based company’s will continue to buy from those fisherman that want to keep fishing. It is also easy for the fisherman to make the call of the end of the season and prepare to put their boats and gear away.The Paradigm Shift crew is willing to keep going for our customers that still desire product providing the orders are sustain-ably sufficient for us as well. Its been a difficult and trying year on the Copper River - we look forward to a better season next year.

Someone's excited for Papa Bill's fresh Coho Salmon!

The expression on our grandson's face says it all...unless of course you see his t-shirt. Yes, Coho salmon is a great catch and you can get yours today for 10% off! Visit our website at paradigmseafoods.com and use Promo Code: 3000Likes to receive your appreciation discount on Coho salmon, Roe, and Portions.

Coho Salmon Roe Dinner

"I received the salmon and roe today. I cooked the roe as soon as I received the package and had very delicious salmon egg dinner. The size of each egg is smaller than what I am used to (from what I read, most salmon roe consumed in Japan is from Chum Salmon), but the Silver Salmon roe taste as good and the salmon was very delicious too. The photos of my dinner may not look very appetizing to many of your American customers but will make many Japanese jealous."  Noriko

For year round dining pleasure, order your Coho salmon with value added processing! Filleted, portioned and cryovaced, it arrives fresh and ready to eat as well as freezing the surplus for a cold winter's night. With a preference of eating salmon one meal a week until the season opens again in May, a family of two would want to order 36#. Now is the time to stock up on the winter surplus with this 10% Off discount!

3000 Likes!!!! Thank you Copper River Salmon Lovers for liking the Paradigm Seafoods, LLC Facebook page. In appreciation, we are offering a 10% discount on all orders this week (9/1 thru 9/6). Bill will be fishing on Monday and Thursday, place your order now to be in our production/shipping schedule. Delivered to an Alaska Airlines cargo station near you or delivered to your door via UPS. Visit our website at paradigmseafoods.com and use Promo Code: 3000Likes to receive your appreciation discount on Coho salmon, Roe, and Portions. This is our way of thanking you for allowing us to be your personal fisherman from Alaska's Copper River fishery! For any questions or assistance, call Lori at 907-301-6111.

10% OFF


Use Promo Code: 3000Likes

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