Formerly Known As Gulkana Seafoods Direct


What We Do...

Bill and I catch, process, and sell wild Alaska salmon. Bill has automated and perfected the pressure bleeding system used in this fishery, in fact, he is the only one in the Copper River area utilizing this process. Pressure bleeding is a whole subject unto itself and is best explained by Bill in a narrative he wrote that you can read here. We believe it will revolutionize the industry as more people taste the difference from pressure bleeding.

Who is Paradigm Seafoods?

Paradigm Seafoods, LLC, formerly know as Gulkana Seafoods Direct is a family owned fishing business based in Cordova, Alaska - home to the famous Copper River Salmon. We fish and ship wild Alaska salmon for some of the nations finest restaurants and premiere Chef's as well as to source-conscious buyers.

Why Paradigm Seafoods?

Paradigm Seafoods is a harvester direct business model. Being the first owner in the supply chain of our product, we own the quality responsibility as the harvester and can set the bar at its highest level as we control every aspect of our products existence with a total quality approach. Bill has developed specialized tools and very stringent quality handling procedures, standards and onboard processing techniques that allow our harvest to be all it can be as Mother Nature intended.



Discover the Processed at Sea Difference and learn how we have been able to purvey a product that is better in Death” than in “Life”.

When should I place my order?

Alaska's wild salmon is highly regulated to assure that it is well managed for healthy and sustainable stocks.  Therefore, as fishermen, we are dependent upon the State of Alaska, Department of Fish and Game to communicate when and where we may harvest.  Normally, we fish on Monday's and Thursday's, starting in mid-to-late May. Our primary harvest during this period of time is Sockeye salmon.

In August, we begin harvesting Coho. Both of these fresh species are available to be ordered through this website. We recommend placing your order prior to the fishing period as we only process at sea for the designated amount or orders. Ordering late in the day of a fishing period could cause your order to be delayed to the next fishing period.

How To Order

Log in and create an account in the top right-hand corner of this page. Navigate to the Fish Market page,  select the items you wish to order, add them to your "Net" aka shopping cart, select shipping method, and quantity, proceed to check out, select form of payment, and you are done. You will receive an email thanking you for your order. 

, request wholesale status, stating frequency and quantity of anticipated orders. Once approved for wholesale status, paying by credit card, we will notify you of your new wholesale account via email. At that point, you may hereIf you desire a wholesale Business account paid by credit card only, create an account (top menu-upper right). Contact us login with your username/password and purchase our wild salmon products.

If you desire a wholesale Business account, with terms, please go to the Purchase Salmon Page, complete the credit application/authorization form and email or fax back to us. Once that is complete and the application has been approved, you will be notified and have access to the wholesale side of the website.

Why Order Early or Pre-Order?

We are limited in our ability to harvest and process salmon by virtue of the year, fishery and capacity of our vessel and crew. Therefore, it is optimum to have orders and associated paperwork in place prior to the fishing period so that we can provide you with the greatest assurance of fulfilling and delivering your order.

What happens to my order if the weather is bad for fishing in Cordova and/or Prince William Sound?

Our fishery is a wild salmon fishery that is prosecuted at the mouth of the Copper River in the Gulf of Alaska. It can be hindered at times by Mother Nature with bad weather that makes it difficult to get out onto the fishing grounds and/or get back to town timely to meet the flight schedules that deliver our shipments to you. This is a rare event and will be handled as the occasion arises by communicating the options to you via email or phone.

What happens to my order if the weather is bad along the transportation route to my specified destination?

Generally, the flights that deliver our orders to their destinations are not hampered by bad weather. However, the limited carrying capacity of flights that depart Cordova has limited space to accommodate all the shippers moving product out of Cordova. The old saying "the early bird gets the worm" totally applies to confirming a booking on a flight out of Cordova, whether your shipment is delivered to an airport near you or delivered to your door.

What is your policy for guaranteeing the salmon?

Our policy is to make happy customers with our salmon. Because our stringent handling, processing, and quality specification is far above the commodity product, we never have disgruntled customers.  

Once you have discovered the processed at sea difference of our product, you will be very pleased with your order. That is guaranteed.

Once I receive the confirmation that you have received my order, what will be the next notification I receive?  

You will receive an email with every step of the order process as well as an email if there are any clarifications needed or complications arise. You will receive an email with the following steps:

Thank you for your order.

Awaiting fulfillment of your order.

Awaiting shipment of your order.

   Your order has shipped, you will receive an invoice with tracking numbers listed for tracking your fish while in transit.

How is the shipment tracked?

If your shipment is being flown to an airport that Alaska Airlines services, you can track your shipment with an Airway Bill (AWB) number which is noted on your invoice. After receiving your order, I work hard with Alaska Airlines to confirm space for shipping on a given date and flight out of Cordova. Once they grant this AWB number, we are “in” to move your fish shipment to you. You can track your shipment on Alaska Airlines here.

If you request your fish be shipped to your door via UPS or FedEx, a tracking number is also noted on your invoice so you can follow your fish while in transit at either or

In addition, I follow the tracking and will be aware of any deviations so that I can then call or email you with an update.

How often do I need to update our credit application?

Completing our credit application is your first step to becoming an approved wholesale customer with net 15 day terms. We request you submit an updated credit application whenever there is a change in your business ownership or other significant change in your business profile. Otherwise, this is a one-time only process. 

How can I be assured that the fish has retained its temperature?

                                                           When I first vertically integrated my commercial fishing business, I did not know                                                           what I know today. In the past, I used some small electronic data loggers that would track date, time and temperature. These were very good tools to help me assess whether I was using enough gel ice and insulation materials to assure the fish remained cold through the transportation chain. I no longer use them as I have been shipping fish for 16 years now and am confident with our packaging components. We use a standard 25 or 50# waxed cardboard box with a prodex insulated foil liner, a foil insulated bubble bag, and a heavy poly bag. For a chilling medium, we use 4+ frozen gel ice packs to keep our high-quality product cold until it arrives in your kitchen. I have figured it out and by far surpass the commodity shipments!