Meet our awesome crewman,

Brandon Ryan!   

Having lived in Cordova since the age of 9, Brandon set his sights on Captain Bill Webber and the crewman position aboard the Paradigm Shift. His desire to learn the trade from Bill Webber, a lifelong fisherman, and master of "At Sea Processing" was verbalized a few years ago at a winter craft bazaar when Brandon told Bill "I'll work for free just to learn from you". As the tides change, so do crewman and this year the opportunity arose for Brandon to fulfill that desire and join Bill on the Paradigm Shift.                             Brandon has 13 years experience water, having seined and  tendered since the age of 16. A Cordova High School graduate and most recently an Alaska University graduate with an Associates Degree in Small Business Administration, Brandon is interested in all aspects of fishing as he pursues a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management. Welcome aboard Brandon, we are happy you have "Discovered the Processed at Sea Difference"!