Bill and Lori Webber, owners and operators of Paradigm Seafoods are as passionate about their fish as they are each other. Growing up in a small fishing community, it is no coincidence that Bill and Lori have come together to continue an outstanding, three-generation, family fishing business. Having Grandmothers as best friends, fathers as fishing captains and crew, living next door to each other and having sisters as best friends, it was in the stars that they would become one. The "season" started in 2010 when Lori followed her heart and moved back to her hometown of Cordova. Having grown up with grandparents and both parents living their lives on the ocean as fishermen, the ocean and fishing was in Lori's blood as well. With passion, drive and determination, Bill and Lori worked together as a team to manage Bi'lls fishing business, Gulkana Seafoods Direct. Just as seasons change, so did the season of Gulkana Seafoods in the summer of 2011. Together, Bill and Lori would fish his boat the Gulkana one final time as on that blue-sky sunny day, the Gulf of Alaska chose to take the Gulkana to the bottom of the ocean, never to fish again. Fortunate to have survived such an event, Bill and Lori got right back on the water, leased a boat, finished the season and watched as the f/v Paradigm Shift evolved. 

Having been a fisherman since the age of 7, Bill has always been an innovator with a mind full of ideas to raise the bar on the quality of the fish he catches. In his winter business, Webber Marine and Manufacturing, Inc., Bill designs and manufactures fishing equipment to create a higher quality fish product for his summer direct market fishing business, In doing so, Bill has been creating a Paradigm shift in the fishing arena. It was only natural, therefore, that  with the new 

boat build, the shift in the industry that he was creating, and the growing relationship with Lori, that together they decide to name the new boat the Paradigm Shift. Constantly progressing and moving forward in Bill's fishing and personal life, the season once again changed in 2018.

Having lost the f/v Gulkana seven years earlier, the changes in the fishing business and Lori's increasing involvement, it was only fitting to make the shift to Paradigm Seafoods, llc. A natural reflection of the boat, the business, the life.

On February 14, 2018, in the country of Grenada, Bill and Lori created the ultimate shift in their lives and were married. And that is About Us...Our story continues...


Bill Webber is a third-generation fisherman who has spent his life perfecting the quality of harvesting and handling Alaska wild salmon. Bill was born and raised in Cordova, Alaska - home to the world-famous Copper River sockeye salmon.   

In 2000, he formed Gulkana Seafoods Direct to provide restaurants, wholesale buyers, and source-conscious buyers a direct, premium, sourcing solution. We never take our eyes off each and every salmon, from harvest to processing to shipping. Bill has developed, what we believe to be, the highest quality standards of yielding premium tasting, visually appealing and highest yielding wild salmon in the world. Our customers are typical, high-end restaurants who source our product on a consistent quantity and basis during the commercial harvest season. They proudly tell the story of our unique processing and handling and consider me their personal fisherman from Alaska. We have a wonderful partnership with these businesses, year in and year out.  We are proud to offer wild salmon to our customers in a way that is respectful of such a truly precious resource.


If you're interested in getting a glimpse into our world, take a look at the video below. It reflects well our business of producing the best quality wild salmon in the world.

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